We provide the services of a certified personal data protection officer.
We help companies adapt to the new standards of data protection requirements.

In the field of data protection

In the field of data protection:

  • Outsourcing of data protection professionals
  • Data protection audits
  • Data protection system implementation
  • Preparation of data protection impact assessments
  • Data Protection Incident Assessments
  • Data protection consultancy
  • Data protection training (video training) and tests
  • Provision of model forms
In the field of artificial intelligence

In the field of artificial intelligence:

  • Evaluations of artificial intelligence systems
  • Advice on the application and implementation of the AI Regulation
In the field of IT security

In the field of IT security:

  • Advice on the implementation of the NIS2 Directive
  • Preparation of IT system governance documentation
  • IT system audits

Our team:

Ivo Krievs, SIA "Protectum"

Ivo Krievs

Protectum Data Partner, Attorney at Law, Data Protection Specialist, CIPP/E

A personal data protection specialist with more than 10 years of practical experience and also a European personal data protection specialist (CIPP/E). In addition, he works as a training force at Business School Turiba, as well as training new Data protection specialists. Ivo is one of the founders and board members of the Latvian Certified Personal Data Protection Professionals Association.

Ilze Buivida, SIA "Protectum"

Ilze Buivida

Lawyer, Data Protection Officer

Jānis Bērziņš, SIA "Protectum"

Jānis Bērziņš

Lawyer, Data Protection Officer

Linda Kumpe, SIA "Protectum"

Linda Kumpe

Lawyer, Data Protection Officer

Sandija Zīrāka, SIA "Protectum"

Sandija Zīrāka

Lawyer, Data Protection Officer

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