Data is the most valuable resource in the era of information.
We help you to discover, highlight, and protect systems & data from the biggest business risks,
so you could gain added value and business continuity.


Legal help
  • Commercial Law
  • Insolvency cases
  • Contracts & Disputes
  • Tax issues
  • Labor Law
  • Public procurement
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Legal protection
  • Proceedings
  • AML compliance
  • Administrative cases
  • International Law
  • Consumer & Medical rights
  • * provided by Protectum Law Office
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Data Audits
  • From Basic to Premium audits
  • GDPR compliance documentation
  • Up to 25 document samples and forms
  • consultations
  • Employee training & tests
  • IT government test
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IT security & audits
  • White hacking
  • IT system vulnerability audit
  • Data protection compliance tests
  • Verification of procedures
  • Installation of security protocols
  • Employee IT training
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Re-checks & DPOaaS
  • Certified DPO as a service
  • 24/7 data breach support
  • Monthly consultations
  • Audit of the legal basis
  • 12 month work plan development
  • Monthly reports and recommendations
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  • Management Team Training
  • Training of employees
  • Worker Knowledge Test
  • Video training
  • Training materials
  • Infographs
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Datu audit
  • Data Flow Audit
  • Analysis of potential risks
  • Supervision of the data register and incident register
  • Development of process guidelines and recommendations
  • Preparation of legal documentation
  • Training of employees
Data Protection Specialists
  • Certified Data Protection Specialists
  • Evaluation and recommendations of existing processes
  • Monitoring data flow processes and initiating new ones
  • Participation in the development of new products/services
  • Direct cooperation with senior management of the company
  • Outsourcing service
IT Systems Audit
  • Audit of existing systems
  • Security test of the company’s publicly available systems
  • Security check for internal and external networks
  • Making improvements to existing systems
  • Opportunities for new IT solutions
  • EWRA – risk assessment
  • Implementation of the legal framework
  • Establishment of the internal control system and risk management
  • Audit of the internal control system
  • Staff training

About Cyber & Data security

10 reasons for cyberattacks or what criminals want from your business:

  • Business financial information;
  • Customer financial information (such as credit card information);
  • Personal data and sensitive information;
  • Customer or employee email addresses and login details;
  • Customer databases;
  • Customer and internal correspondence;
  • Deliberately damage IT infrastructure;
  • Digital services (purchases and online payments);
  • Acquire intellectual property (unregistered trade secrets, recipes, designs, etc.)
  • Make damage to reputation and customer trust.

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Our team

Zigmunds Vīķis
Co-founder. Certified Data Protection Officer.

A business management expret with 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, strategy development and execution. Work at the Baltic leading companies in the several industry, such as A/S Latvijas Balzams, Shopping Mall ALFA management, Sales and Marketing director at Lattako Ltd, as well as loyalty program PINS management at AirBaltic, gives a broad view of identifying problems and finding solutions for different business. Professional experience has been strengthened with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Latvia and an EMBA degree from Riga Business School.

Ivo Krievs
Co-founder. Certified Data Protection Officer. CIPP/E.

A personal data protection specialist with more than 10 years of practical experience and also a European personal data protection specialist (CIPP/E). In addition, he works as a training force at Business School Turiba, as well as training new Data protection specialists. Ivo is one of the founders and board members of the Latvian Certified Personal Data Protection Professionals Association. M.p. +371 29159251  

Ilze Buivida

Personal Data Protection Officer.

The most valuable working experience and understanding of the legal aspects of the business were obtained by working for British American Tobacco Latvia Ltd as a board member and legal adviser in the Baltic States. Experience of legal work has also been gained from Scandinavian Tobacco Ltd, Lode SIA and the Consumer Rights Protection Centre. Obtained a bachelor’s degree in law science (University of Latvia).

Agnese Belicka Stumberga

Certified Data Protection Officer. Lawyer, Mg. Iur.

“The Master of Rights with several years of experience in public procurement in one of the most strategically important (leading) state Road Infrastructure maintenance companies. Invaluable experience has been gained in the State administration, participating in the development of various regulatory enactments, the issuing of administrative acts, as well as in the successful reorganisation processes in the State institutions. In addition, worked in the administration of insolvency proceedings, including by promoting and successfully achieving the restoration of solvency for an undertaking in financial difficulty.”

Uldis Kuplis

IT expert and consultant

Andris Stengrevics

Certified Data Protection Officer. Lawyer, Mg. Iur.

Specialization of work involves ensuring the legality and protection of the processing of personal data in the field of credit institutions and in the area of out-of-court collection of debts. Head of the permanent GDPR Working Group of the Latvian Finance Industry Association, as well as the Training Force at Business School Turiba and the Baltic Computer Academy in the field of AML and prevention of terrorism financing.


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